About Us

“The good stuff” was a phrase we kept turning to when we first started dreaming up our business. We still feel that it sums us up pretty well. For us, the good stuff means:

- Using seasonal, local and delicious produce, and when we can’t make something ourselves, we turn to other local businesses with similarly good ethics and quality standards.
- Thinking about supply chains when produce has to come from further afield (hello, coffee!), and using Direct Trade partnerships where possible.
- Choosing produce for our online and in-store shop using the same standards as we do for everything else. Our selection is small but mighty, and everything we’ve got is there on purpose: because it’s the best, both from an ethical and a taste perspective.
- Being good to our staff by being Real Living Wage employers, and supporting their development and growth.
- Using renewable energy, scrutinising the way we deal with our waste, and continuing to interrogate and improve the way we do things, now and always.

In short, at The Good Stuff we are working tirelessly not only to give you good things, but also to be good people, and good business owners.

We explicitly prioritise our ethics over our profit margins, building something good enough to last.


Nestled right at the end of Boscastle, North Cornwall.

The Good Stuff Cafe, The Harbour, Boscastle, PL35 0HD